— a practical transportation solution for Templemore College

túber is an Android app to help students to help each other to get to and from college.

Many students live a long distance from our college, and are unserved by public transport; this makes attendance difficult, but túber can help fix that.

Students using the app can match with a driver, or be a driver themselves, allowing students to help other students.

The app is currently at the finalisation stage, so there is still some testing being done. You may download from the app store here.

You could also press this link to download the latest APK beta version (must be on an Android mobile phone to use).

You could also press this link to download the latest AAB version (must be on an Android mobile phone to use; AAB is the newer Android App Bundle format).

A student will create an account in the app and after varifying, enter the main menu. The student will then select routes and give a location to and from the college, specifying if they are a driver or navigator. The student will then go to matches to send an invite to chat with a student who has the same route but offers the service you want. Once chatting you will discuss the details between yourselves and, if agreed upon, will press the make pool button to create a pool. With the pool created the two students will have set up the ability to transport each other to and from the college

Q. Does this work on IOS?
A. Currently, no. The app only works with Android phones.

Q. Does this app cost money?
A. No, and drivers can't make you have to pay for their services. If a driver is driving you to and from college, it's only because they want to help.

Q. Will this app come in many languages?
A. Yes. Languages can be chosen when registering; English is almost certainly to be the default language.

The app was made over the course of three years, where in year one, there was a planning phase with a very basic version created in a program called "App Inventor". In year two, "App Inventor" was used again to create a more functional app utilizing features from a backend. In year three, the program moved onto a program called "Android Studio", where it was developed on over the course of the year. Each year there was a different team working on the app, and in year three, the class of Software Development helped bring the app to completion.

Development of version within App Inventor tuber_androidstudio
Development of version within Android Studio tuber_inuse
Photo of app in use

For those who are interested, we would like people to download the app and test it, providing feedback on possible improvements that could be made, or any possible errors that occur. Below you will find a link for the app, and a printable pdf for submission of feedback.

Click Here for app

Click Here for pdf


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